Our services include providing mobile kitchens; obtaining all required equipment, food, and personnel; and ensuring that food is prepared and served in accordance with all applicable government, federal, state, and local regulations.

We have the experience needed in recruiting and training personnel for food service, operating in accordance with all applicable safety and health regulations, and preparing and serving tasty, nutritious, and well-balanced meals.

Cattlemens experience includes, but is not limited to, the following:

        • Feeding fluctuating numbers of personnel on separate task orders.
        • Knowledge in all applicable government, federal, state, and local regulations
        • Preparing nutritious, well-balanced meals that TASTE GOOD
        • Preparing diverse menus, including a variety of ethnic and holiday/special occasion menus, as well as menus to meet special needs (e.g., low-fat, reduced- or increased-calorie, vegetarian, and diabetic menus) 
        • Menus to meet high-energy needs and the needs of individuals in stressful conditions
        • Meeting or exceeding all sanitation requirements
        • Implementing excellent quality control and training programs
        • We have provided over 4.5 million meals since 1993 for federal contracts.

          Ninety-five percent of these meals were prepared in and served from our mobile kitchens, with ninety percent of these meals being served in remote location.

          These locations includes 21 states across the nation including Colorado, Louisiana, Nevada, Idaho, Florida, Georgia, Washington, Montana, California, Michigan, Arizona, Oregon, Wyoming, South Dakota, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Indiana and Missouri.

Cattlemen's Meat Co